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International Shipping:

We're glad to ship your order from our USA warehouses to your country in 5-10 days for a flat shipping rate of US$ 19.99 for any order!

  • Many countries don't require you to pay any additional customs fees and our courier will take care of all related actions to clear and deliver your order.
  • Some countries require you to pay customs fees, if you don’t know the exact amount that you may need to pay, you can call the DHL office in your country before placing your order and they will be more than happy to answer any question related to this.


Beside the customs fees, you need to make sure that the country you are shipping to allows your order to be cleared, otherwise you need to manage all the required payments, approvals and paperwork.

In case you receive any damaged product, we will be glad to immediately return it to our nearest distribution center and immediately refund the value of these damaged products to you.

If your order was returned to our warehouse due to not being able to clear it, we will be sorry to deduct 35% of the overall order value as the 2-way shipping cost then we can refund the remaining amount to your card.

If your order was held by the customs authorities without being able to return it back to our warehouse, we will be sorry for not being able to refund any value.


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